BANTBORU San. Tic. A.Ş. is the leading company in Turkey supplying hydraulic steel tubes for the automotive and home appliances industries. Bantboru produces tubes to be used in the production of hydraulic brakes, fuel and clutch systems in the automotive industry and condenser/evaporator tubes in the home appliances industry for its global OEMs and their Tier1s. BANTBORU has been producing double wall copper-brazed steel tubes since 1972. BANTBORU developed the
production system to manufacture double wall tubes after years of R&D work. Thanks to the in-house developed technology to produce double wall tubes used indispensably in brake systems, BANTBORU became the leader company in Turkey and one of the few companies in the world in this field. BANTBORU started to manufacture single wall tubes in 2009 in addition to double wall tubes. With the start of manufacturing single wall tubes that are used as condenser/evaporator tubes
in refrigerators/freezers, it aims to have a strong position in the home appliances industry as well as the automotive industry. BANTBORU established its coating plant in Gebze Organized Industrial Zone (GOSB) in 1992 for its products’ coating operations. To meet the requirements of rapidly growing automotive industry,
coating plant uses its Zinc, Zinc+PVF, Zinc+PA tube coating facilities in addition to steel copper coating. BANTBORU proved itself in the field of innovative work by taking R&D Center approval from the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in April 2015, and aims to strengthen its place as a global player in both the automotive and home appliances sectors.

PRODUCT: Hydraulic steel tubes with small diameters (dia 4,75-6,00-6,35-8,00-10,00) mainly used for oil,gas and fluid transmission systems of automotive and household appliances industries.