KLAS AUTOMOTIVE is a family business established in 1957 in ISTANBUL. In the automotive sector, we provide all kinds of services by meeting all the needs of our dealers and customers, including logistics. That’s why we have a great deal of experience, knowledge in the automotive industry and export to the global automotive spare parts markets.

Manufacturing for OEM in Europe, VALEO-BOSCH-ZF-SACHS-LUK-FTE-TRW-INA-MANN-HENGST-GATES-PIERBURGSWF-MAHLE-FEDERAL MOGUL-FEBI-NISSENS-ERLING-CORTEGO-BEHR etc. besides the brand, with KLAS PARTS, produced in 100% Turkey, OEM in quality passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, tractors, spare parts of the world in 43 countries specialized distributors and customers, the fastest way (max 4-6 weeks), the We offer a wide variety of products (25,000 different references) as an export distributor by supplying them with the most affordable prices. Core Advantages: • Our vision By providing integration in the international platform in the sector, the professionalism that suits the name of our company working is our main goal. Our product range with our experienced, professional, contemporary and dynamic structure, We are committed to constantly improving our quality and services. • Our Mission Valuable commercial products that make Klas Automotive reliable and high quality to deliver the best quality products to our partners at the most affordable price and in the fastest way. Also KLAS brand, we started out with the quality and superior performance of Turkish goods to the whole world.

PRODUCT: Suspension de vitesse manuelle Driver cab hinge Charnière pour la cabine du conducteur Radiator mountings Suspension, radiateur Leaf spring mountings Suspension, ressort à lames CLUTCH SYSTEMS systèmes d’embrayage Clutch pressure plates Plaques pour la pression d’embrayage Clutch discs Disques d’embrayage Clutch bearings Butées d’embrayage Clutch master and servo units
Maitre d’embrayage et unités Servo Clutch central slave cylinders Cylindres pour l’esclave centrale d’embrayage Clutch releases and repair kits Fourchette de débrayage et les trousses de réparation Flywheels Volant moteur MIRRORS miroirs Mirror glasses Verre de rétroviseur Rear view mirrors Rétroviseur extérieur, cabine Blind spot mirrors Miroir de point aveugle Mirror covers Revêtement,
rétroviseur extérieur BRAKE SYSTEMS systèmes de frein Brake discs disques de frein Disc brake pads Les plaquettes de frein à disque Brake drums Tambour de frein Brake linings plaquttes de frein Brake chambers Cylindre de frein à diaphragme Diaphragms Diaphragme Brake valves Valve de commande de frein Caliper repair kits Kit de réparation d’étrier Miscellaneous valves Vannes divers WINDOW REGULATORS régulateurs de fenêtre Window lifts Lève-vitre Window lift motors Moteur électrique pour lève-vitre ENGINE COOLING Refroidissement du moteur Water pumps Pompe à eau Water pump repair kits Kit de réparation de pompe à eau Viscous fan clutches Embrayage pour le ventilateur visqueux HYDRAULIC CABIN TILTING AND LOCKING SYSTEMS SYSTEMES DE BASCULEMENT CABINE HYDRAULIQUE ET DE FERMETURE Cabin tilting hand pump Pompe de basculement de cabine Cabin tilting cylinder Cylindre pour basculement cabine Cabin latch Mécanisme de verrouillage, cabine BATTERIES batteries Cars and light commercial vehicles Automobiles et Véhicules Utilitaires Legers Heavy vehicles Poids Lourds Gel série Gel TANK CAPS bouchons de réservoir Fuel Tank Caps Bouchon, réservoir de carburant Urea Tank Caps Bouchon, Unité réservoir (injection d’urée) POWERTRAIN SYSTEMS SYSTEMES POWERTRAIN Shaft Centre Support Bearings Suspension, arbre de cardan